GPS Fleet Tracking Device USA Case Study – Fire Protection

GPS Tracking Cut FIRE PROTECTION Fuel Bill by 20%


Fire Protection Inc. is a fast-growing company that specializes in fire equipment sales & service, offering full package maintenance of Commercial, Industrial and Residential fire equipment. Since 1991 Fire Protection has served the Edmonton and area market and provides the highest quality fire protection service available to every customer they serve.


The management team at Fire Protection began to consider GPS tracking following a number of troubling fleet vehicle-related incidences. Company vehicles assigned to employees had been reported in places and at times when these vehicles were possibly used for personal reasons. Not only did these activities cost Fire Protection in additional fuel and lost productivity it also had the potential for other related problems. The management team was challenged with the decision to pursue a GPS tracking solution concerned with potential negative repercussions from their most valuable resources, their employees.


The Certified Tracking Solutions team met with Fire Protection to discuss their needs and address any reservation the management team may have had. An initial trial of four vehicles was set-up to demonstrate the Titan GPS Fleet Tracking system.


The trial was an immediate success and the decision was made quickly to fully adopt Titan GPS Tracking. The business and fleet was growing rapidly and the company knew that to maintain a level of control and comfort they had to implement this system.

They announced to employees their intention to implement GPS tracking across the fleet and released updated vehicle use policies. As expected, there was pushback but it was minor and short-lived, soon becoming an accepted standard.

The Operations Manager estimates fuel use dropped by 20% almost immediately following the implementation of Titan GPS Tracking. Reduced travel miles, less idling, and better-maintained vehicles helped to achieve these significant savings. As the fleet grew staying on top of service and maintenance for each vehicle was much simpler with virtual mileage tracking and service minder scheduling. Titan is being used to verify time cards if required, assist with scheduling and routing, speed and aggressive driving monitoring, and even helped police locate a stolen vehicle and capture the crooks.


As we grew we knew there had to be a better way to ensure our business was protected and that customers continued to receive a high level of service.

What we didn’t fully appreciate was just how much we would save. We cut our fuel bill by 20% almost immediately. Since that time, we’ve used the system even further to save time and money.

The people at Certified Tracking Solutions have been great. We lease the hardware and if there’s ever a problem it’s fixed quickly. When we get a new vehicle or need to transfer hardware their mobile installers are always there on time and get the job done. We wouldn’t have it any other way now.

Gary Fitzgerald

Operations Manager

Fire Protection


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