COVID-19 Health Screening App

Get your business and your people back to work safely with the Titan GPS FieldDocs COVID-19 Digital Health Screening app.

Covid screening app

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Mitigate Risk – Increase Safety

The COVID-19 Health Assessment App is designed with everybody’s health and safety in mind. To help stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Titan GPS has created a mobile tool to allow your employees to safely and easily self-assess according to the guidelines set by health professionals around the world.

With intelligent alerting capabilities, you can mitigate risk to your people and minimize liability for your business. Employees or visitors to your business will fill out an intuitive form that will allow safe entrance, or alert the appropriate administrators and recommend extending social distancing measures according to the answers provided.

  • In-app and back office notifications
  • Private accounts and login information
  • Configurable to regional or company standards


Custom Assessments

As federal governments work to get their countries back on track, every city, state, and municipal district will be tasked with deciding the most appropriate measures for their jurisdiction. 

With the COVID-19 Mobile Self Assessment Tool, you can configure custom assessments that ensure you are following all the recommended and mandated measures for your area of operations.

  • Completely configurable according to company policy and local mandates
  • Create multiple forms for different areas of operation
  • Easy to use, update, and administer

Assessments are templates only. Configurations should be made to reflect recommendations by health professionals in your area.


Secure & Private Records

COVID-19 Health Assessment is a secure platform that limits access to confidential health information. Employees and guests can only access the app via a secure username and password, ensuring privacy and discretion.

Key administrators or super users are able to access completed assessments on their desktops by using the Titan GPS cloud-based network, while individual records disappear from the device after each submission.

  • Restrict record access
  • Ensure privacy and data security
  • Remotely manage records

HSE Insight

Built on the Titan FieldDocs platforms, the COVID-19 Health Assessment is just a small part of a larger collection of health and safety tools. The innovative FieldDocs platform provides users with the tools to digitize and customize virtually any form.

From in-field Hazard and Health Assessments to daily meetings and checklists, the HSE Insight module is a set of versatile mobile tools engineered to digitize in-field operations, reduce person-to-person contact, ease administrative burden, and organize paperwork.

Current Templates Include:

  • Hazard Assessments
  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Incident Reports
  • Near Miss Reports
  • Custom Forms

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