Digital Vehicle and Equipment Inspections

Save time. reduce paperwork, and easily keep track of fleet asset condition with Digital Vehicle and Equipment Inspections!


Digital Equipment Inpsections

Never miss a single inspection point

Digital inspections work for much more than just heavy-duty vehicles. With completely configurable fields, your business can create specific checklists for everything from pickups to tracked equipment and stationary assets like gen sets and light plants.

Build forms that ensure your operators are checking every point that is critical to your equipment’s smooth operation, and keep an eye on potential trouble spots with automatic form submission to the FieldDocs cloud-based back office.

Key Features

  • Customization means no more generic inspection forms for unique assets
  • Eliminate paperwork that is easily lost, damaged, or left behind
  • Give maintenance personnel a detailed update on every asset with just a few clicks

Track and Manage Fleet Asset Condition

Ensure every asset is always ready to go.

Don’t rely on best-guesses or out-of-date paper forms to tell you what kind of shape your vehicles and equipment are in. With digital inspections built for any asset in your fleet, you can keep close tabs on everything from a cracked window or broken mirror to corroded glad handles and leaky power steering pumps.

With digital inspections, you can track ongoing trouble spots and identify major issues before an asset ever starts works. With a “repair needed” tab, every asset with defects is neatly listed and easily accessed for quick action by maintenance personnel.

Key Features

  • Easily identify defects and indicate severity for every asset
  • Comment and photo attachment features enable description and evidence of defects
  • Signature pages allows sign off on condition after every inspection

Titan FieldDocs

Built on the powerful and versatile Titan FieldDocs platforms, Digital Vehicle and Equipment Inspections are just part of a larger collection of mobile tools for in-field efficiency and digitization. 

From custom forms to asset inspections and time tracking, Titan FieldDocs is a set of versatile modules engineered to digitize in-field operations, ease administrative burden, and organize paperwork.

Available Modules:

  • Health and Safety Insight
  • Digital Documentation
  • Gravel Program 2.0
  • Time Tracking
  • COVID-19 Back to Work Health Screening
  • Sprayer Module 2.0

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