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The GPS Tracking Info Center is where you can find out what Titan GPS can do. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch. We develop custom solutions!

Titan GPS Return on Investment


Titan GPS recognizes that an exceptional GPS tracking system comes from a consultative approach. No two fleet businesses are alike and our goal is to develop a GPS tracking system that fits your fleet.

  • Fleet Tracking Step 1

    Review Fleet Applications

    We’ve seen just about every kind of fleet application there is; trucks, equipment, trailers, containers, mobile porta-potties, nothing stumps us… but we look forward to every surprise.

  • Fleet Tracking Step 2

    Determine Priorities

    Every fleet business is unique. That’s why we won’t offer a cookie-cutter approach. We help you determine your priorities for tracking to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  • Fleet Tracking Step 3

    Identify Opportunities

    There’s lots you can do with GPS tracking and we’ve helped many uncover opportunities to cut costs, increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve service.

  • Fleet Tracking Step 4

    Recommend Hardware & Features

    When we’re sure we understand your fleet we’ll recommend the right combination of GPS hardware and features to maximize the ROI on your GPS tracking investment.

  • Fleet Tracking Step 5

    Build Ongoing Value

    There are many variables that go into developing value in any fleet deployment. One thing you can be assured of is that we take your fleet investment as seriously as you do!


On the go or at your desk, your fleet is always with you. With powerful and easy to use features you’ll know where your fleet is, where it’s been, and every activity in between. Set automatic alerts to notify you of any movement, change in status, or event and easily generate reports to sum up performance over any period.

Exceptional Mapping | Easy to Use Tools | Advanced Reporting

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Unlike most, Titan GPS offers a wide range of advanced GPS tracking devices and available features to meet a wide variety of applications. From satellite to cellular, plug n play to hardwired, self-powered to solar-powered, Titan GPS carries and has extensive experience with it all.

  • Plug n Play to Hardwired GPS Hardware

    Plug n Play to Hardwired

  • Cellular to Satellite GPS Hardware

    Cellular to Satellite

  • Self Powered to Solar Powered GPS Hardware

    Self-powered to Solar Powered

Take a closer look at some of our key GPS telematics hardware devices!


Titan GPS is partnered with premiere CELLULAR and SATELLITE network carriers to provide seamless coverage across North America and around the world. Titan GPS delivers the right fit for your fleet coverage needs at the lowest cost.

  • An industry leader for over a quarter of century Rogers delivers the ultimate experience to millions of Canadians across the country.

  • Canada’s largest communications company with millions of subscribers and the first cellular network to launch LTE speeds in Canada.

  • Global connectivity with Iridium. This satellite constellation is a fully meshed network and is the largest commercial constellation in the world.

  • Globalstar simplex is a low cost, one-way satellite data delivery solution ideal for tracking the location of mobile assets in remote areas.


The free Titan GPS mobile APP provides essential fleet information for the on the go fleet manager. It’s easy to use and incredibly powerful. The Titan GPS mobile APP is available for download for iOS, Android, Blackberry OS7 and OS10.

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Schedule a live tour of the Titan GPS software with one of our experts. Ask any question you might have and tailor your demonstration to your company’s fleet needs. You’ll see what our advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solution has to offer!

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Quick Install Guides for a selection of some of our latest GPS tracking devices.



Most of our customers take advantage of Certified Tracking Solutions and their crack mobile GPS installation team or get the job done with the help of an extensive professional installation network in locations across North America.

Some, on the other hand, choose to install Titan GPS hardware themselves. Here you’ll find Quick Install Guides for a selection of some of our latest GPS tracking hardware should it be needed. Though, we’re always here for support.

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