Benefits of An Advanced Fleet GPS Tracking System

There is a mountain of data to support the fact that GPS tracking delivers. Here are just a few examples of how Titan GPS delivers to get you thinking about how you too can positively impact the performance of your fleet.


Average Productivity Gains across Industries: 7%

Late arriving at work, extra-long lunches, leaving work early, under-work and unwarranted overtime is a costly problem that GPS tracking helps eliminate.

Based on this industry average, 30 minutes of productivity per day per fleet vehicle can be gained. At an average billing rate of $150 hour and gross profit margin of 40%, that 30 minutes a day equals an additional monthly contribution of $660 per fleet vehicle. With just 15 vehicles, $118,800 per year in additional contribution can be gained across the fleet.

  • 30 Minutes per Vehicle per Day Gained
  • $118,800 Gained per Year

Hard to believe but take a look at the example of Western Weather Protectors to see just one real-life example. Create a culture of accountability and add productivity to your fleet. Western Weather Protectors estimate they improved their bottom-line by $20,000 a month upon installing the powerful Titan GPS fleet management system.


Average Fuel Saving across Industries: 8%

Speeding, aggressive driving, unauthorized and unplanned travel, poorly maintained vehicles, and excessive idling have a drastic impact on your fleet fuel bill.

Based on this industry average a small vehicle fleet of 15 light-duty trucks getting a combined 14 L/100 km (17 mpg) and that put on average 2500 km’s (1500 miles) per truck each month is able to reduce their annual fuel usage by 7,560 Litres (2,000 US Gallons).

  • 7,560 Litres (2,000 USG) Saved per Year
  • 18,382 Kg of GHG Emissions Saved per Year

With significant advances in GPS tracking solutions like Titan GPS, this 8% figure is a now a very conservative industry value. Additional monitoring and reporting capability provides fleet operators with the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption further. In fact, we’ve seen fuel savings of up to 35% for some customers. Check out the Fire Protection Case Study. They saved 20% on their fuel bill across their entire fleet!


Speed Reduction to cut fatal collision in half: 10%

Research indicates that a 10% reduction in speed reduces the likelihood of a fatal collision by 50%. Direct and indirect costs of all motor vehicle accidents in Canada are a staggering $25 billion a year. The economic costs are, however, the easiest consequence to bare.

A national survey conducted by Ekos Research (2007) for Transport Canada indicated that while 47% of the respondents agreed that speeding was the primary cause of traffic collisions, 70% admitted to exceeding the speed limit at least sometimes, particularly on highways (81%).

Every fleet is unique regarding the skill and care of its drivers. One thing is for certain, and that’s with a GPS tracking solution like Titan GPS you have the tools available to critically assess your drivers and significantly improve safety for everyone. Remember, the price of safety is returned well beyond economics. Take a look at SMS Equipment. They dramatically curbed dangerous and wasteful driving behaviour over a short period of time.


Likelihood to buy from a competitor if a problem is service related vs. price or product: 4 X

A recent study on consumer sentiments concluded that after a positive experience, 69% would recommend the company to others while 50% would use the business more frequently. Statistics like these prove just how vital excellent service is for the long-term success of a business.

Fleet businesses must be willing to invest in solutions that provide the best customer experience. GPS tracking systems like Titan GPS give businesses that depend on their fleets a competitive advantage with the ability to deliver great service experiences.

Confidently provide arrival times, efficiently add more completed jobs, improve response times with closest to dispatching and efficient routing, and ensure fleet vehicles represent your brand excellently while amongst customers and prospects at all times. See Forthryte Services. They’re putting more jobs through and their customers couldn’t be happier.