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GPS Equipment Tracking helps you get more done. Whether it's preventing theft, optimizing usage or maintaining your equipment on schedule. Titan GPS can help!

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Used by thousands of fleets to steamline deployment, cut costs, protect, and increase equipment lifespan.

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  • Tailored GPS equipment tracking and mangement plans
  • Automate your equipment service and maintenance activity based on calendar or engine hours

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GPS Equipment Tracking Benefits

  • Improve Security

    Know where your equipment is at all times for an extra measure of security. If equipment is stolen or missing you can be assured of quick recovery and diminished downtime.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Monitoring heavy equipment can be vital to understanding and to curbing inefficiencies in one of the most valuable investments in your business.

  • Control Labour Costs

    Create accurate and verifiable employee and equipment activity reports for more precise accounting and billing. Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.

  • Optimize Utilization

    Equipment reporting gives you on-site hours and hours worked over the course of any period of time so that you can improve equipment deployment decisions.

  • Enhance Safety

    Monitor how your equipment is used to improve safety. Beacon lights, PTO, or other inputs let you monitor and manage the proper use of your equipment.

  • Prevent Downtime

    Reduce expenses and costly breakdowns with timely service and maintenance reporting. Trim fuel expenses, decrease wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Gain Visibility

    Expand your line of sight to remote operations and learn how equipment is used or left idle for optimized equipment deployment and sharper contract bids.

  • Improve Service

    Create accurate and verifiable employee and equipment activity reports for more precise accounting and billing. Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.



Keeping track of and deploying an equipment fleet efficiently and productively can be complex assignment.

GPS location tracking on large jobs with multiple pieces of heavy equipment help guide utilization efficiently. Automatically record and store engine hours to simplify maintenance. Easily redeploy equipment to the next location with precise location tracking or recover misplaced or stolen equipment quickly.

Titan GPS puts you in the operator’s seat.


Here’s What They’re Saying


    We usually need to know answers in an expedited period of time and they need to be accurate. The customer service provided is also excellent.

    Angelina Ziehr

    All Span Building


    We quickly locate equipment, it’s keeping drivers accountable, and the steps we’re taking to integrate the data into other parts of the business is taking us to the next level.

    Mike Bandura

    Deford Contracting


    There’s always someone checking in with us. Orders are processed quickly and the vehicle is never out of service long. It’s been a really good partnership.

    Curtis Evans

    SMS Equipment


With GPS equipment tracking from Titan GPS you can track, monitor and manage any piece of equipment; skid steer, loader, excavator – from any place at any hour with the powerful and easy to use Titan GPS mapping dashboard and mobile app.

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