GPS Tracking by Industry

GPS Tracking by industry, you can browse our solutions for a wide variety of industries. If you have assets that need to be tracked, we can boost your bottom-line


GPS Tracking for Construction Companies

Construction companies work in highly competitive environments and must continually deliver projects more cost efficiently and productively. Tracking and monitoring vehicles and equipment with GPS give construction companies a leg up.

Simplifying the ability to manage utilization and timely service of high-value construction equipment and assets can be the difference between profit and loss.

Titan GPS is powerful and easy to use, equipping you with the tools to go beyond simple GPS tracking. Get the information you need to cut costs and improve the productivity and profitability of your construction projects.


GPS Tracking for Service-Based Businesses

Service businesses such as HVAC, mechanical, electrical, painters and pest control must manage time judiciously. Every mile and every minute counts when your job is to get the job done and satisfy customers.

If your service-based business relies on fleet vehicles, you need to know your fleet is working at maximum capacity. Titan GPS holds employees accountable to schedules, so you can get the most out of your fleet. Advanced Titan GPS technology lets you monitor and manage your service-based fleet, find efficiencies and increase productivity.

Improve your service-based fleet operation and boost your bottom line by saving time and money.


Remote Tracking of Vehicles and Equipment

Oil & Gas companies face extreme challenges in remote regions and tough environmental conditions. Safety of crews is always a concern and keeping operating costs low a top priority.

Titan GPS has earned a reputation for rugged reliability through a broad selection of GPS hardware. With cellular, satellite, dual-mode (cellular/satellite) GPS hardware available you will be sure to have uninterrupted connectivity to your vehicles, equipment and assets virtually anywhere in the world. You can rely on real-time location tracking and PatchMap Oilfield Mapping to improve confidence in worker safety & compliance, and increased operating efficiency.

Wherever your Oil & Gas crew needs to go, Titan GPS has you covered.


GPS Delivery Tracking Solutions

If your customers expect quality service delivered on time, every time – look no further than Titan GPS. Titan GPS provides live tracking and reporting for delivery vehicles that helps deliver standout service for less.

Better manage your services, drivers and inventory for improved delivery operations. Gather fact-based data such as times of start/stop, arrival and departure, distance travelled and driver behaviour statistics like speed, hard braking, acceleration. Know that your goods are delivered according to the route plan, and if it’s necessary, to locate them in transit.

Increase profits and the satisfaction of your customers with Titan GPS.


Cost Saving Solution for Your Business

As an owner or a fleet manager of a transport company, you know that fleet efficiency can be the difference between financial success and less positive results. You need to know that your fleet is deployed effectively and your drivers are operating efficiently, safely, and productively. Your customers expect timely delivery and want quality services.

Titan GPS offers continuous vehicle monitoring to help fleet managers improve logistics, influence driver performance and reduce maintenance costs. Monitor Hours of Service with Titan GPS Logbooks to ensure compliance and reduce costly paperwork.

Improve your fleet operations and bottom line by recovering time and money lost to operational inefficiencies!


Titan GPS has Earned its Leading Reputation

Municipalities continually seek an edge on the elements. With more than a decade of experience working with public works and private snow plow fleet operators, in some of the harshest subarctic conditions on the planet, Titan has earned its reputation as a leading winter maintenance fleet GPS tracking solution.

Compatible with the industry’s leading Spreader Controllers, the critical data needed to drive efficiencies and keep roadways safe is captured and transmitted seamlessly via advanced Titan AVLS technology.

Tried and true integration with back office and public systems make Titan the first choice for northern snow plow fleets!


Huge Value for a Small Investment

As a landscaper, you already deal with a lot. The last thing you need is a complex GPS fleet tracking system. Titan GPS is designed to be easy to use so you can stay focused on the many important tasks at hand.

Ensure your crew spends more of their time getting the job done and less on the road driving or idling. Monitor and put a stop to after-hours or unauthorized vehicle use that cut into your profits. If a vehicle, lawnmower or another piece of equipment is stolen, Titan GPS can help locate and retrieve it quickly.

Titan GPS brings efficiency to your landscaping workflow and sets you apart from the competition.


Public Demands Require High Levels of Accountability

Ensure government employees and officials live up to the increasing demands for accountability. Significantly reduce fuel use and lower your carbon footprint by ensuring every trip is authorized and completed in a timely manner without side trips or wasted fuel.

The public counts on you to keep them safe, and live tracking and reporting of travel speeds and driver behaviour keep staff doing what they should be doing to keep your fleet and the public they serve safe and secure.

Cut costs, stretch budgets, increase productivity and safety with Titan GPS.

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