GPS Trailer Tracking – Advanced GPS Tracking Device For Trailers

GPS Trailer Tracking means you can track your trailers and mobile assets with self-powered GPS hardware that uses cellular or satellite connections.

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Used by thousands of businesses to track and efficiently deploy trailer and mobile asset fleets.

  • Low monthly service plans
  • Easy contract or pay as you go
  • Satellite, cellular, solar-charging self-powered GPS devices
  • Tailored GPS trailer & mobile-asset tracking and mangement plans
  • Recover lost or stolen assets quickly and redeploy efficiently to ensure customers are well served.

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GPS Trailer Tracking Benefits

  • Save Time

    See instantly which assets are in any given area and eliminate time searching for deployment availability.

  • Optimize Fleet Size

    Analyze usage and reduce the number of trailers or other assets needed to manage any given workload.

  • Remote Tracking

    Get a reliable signal from anywhere with satellite equipped GPS hardware regardless of location.

  • Reliable & Durable

    Ultra-long battery life (up to 10 years) and built for any extreme climate and condition.

  • Increase Security

    Prevent theft and expedite recovery to prevent downtime and reduce replacement and insurance costs.

  • Remote Sensor Monitoring

    Receive sensor data such as temperature, fluid levels, tank pressure and identify issues quickly with critical alerts.

  • Assess Lifetime Value

    Determine the full value of assets with accurate utilization reporting (engine hours, distance, PTO) and make better investment decisions.

  • Manage Rented Assets

    Create accurate and verifiable invoices for rented assets based on operating information (hours, distance, PTO) collected remotely.



With or without a power source; trailers, containers, mobile and remote assets of any kind are valuable fleet investments. Easily identify the location and status of your fleet assets.

See immediately if they’re on the move, operating status, engine hours, battery condition and so much more. Recover lost or stolen assets quickly and redeploy efficiently to ensure your customers are well served.

Titan GPS puts you in the drivers seat.


Here’s What They’re Saying


    We used to get calls occasionally from people to tell us that one of our trucks sped by them on the highway or something. Now, I’m able to confirm if it was our truck and how fast it was going.

    Kelly Fancy



    Titan GPS has really helped. Dispatch always knows where everyone is and how long it is to the next job. We’re putting more jobs through, and our customers couldn’t be happier.

    John McPherson

    Forthryte Services


    A very robust tool that our operations use for a variety of functions including; operations, dispatch, IFTA reporting, HOS auditing, and sales across our widespread Canadian and US operations.

    James Quinn

    Certarus Ltd


With GPS trailer and mobile asset tracking from Titan GPS you can track, monitor, and manage any trailer or mobile asset; containers, generators, light towers, pumps – from any place at any hour with the powerful and easy to use Titan GPS mapping dashboard and mobile app.

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