In Cab Fleet Camera System



With Fleet Operators in Mind

Recommended in cab fleet camera systems are securely installed into vehicles to record the day’s events. View what the driver sees with the front facing wide-angle high definition camera, and also discover what the driver is doing while operating your fleet vehicle.

You won’t find this at the big box electronics store. This system is designed with fleet operators in mind. Commercial grade and cloud managed. Wide angle HD front facing lens, 3-Axis G-force sensor, microphone (optional on/off), SD card slot, permanent power cable and a secure tamper-resistant design. Three modes of video storage and transmission are available in this advanced in cab fleet camera system. SD Card – Passive continuous recording storage. Wi-Fi (optional) – Transmits critical events to the cloud managed system and live streaming available along with real-time alerts. Cellular (optional) – When Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Cloud Based fleet cameras


In cab fleet camera systems promise to dramatically improve the way fleets operate. Commercial enterprises around the world are embracing the cloud and mobile technologies to decrease complexity while increasing business agility, and gaining operational insights.

Two essential methods for viewing and managing video:

Stand Alone

In cab fleet camera systems continuously record on internal storage and overwrite when storage fills. Events are tagged and require manual downloading from each camera with stand-alone software. This requires an ongoing commitment to catalogue and archive video events on the company server. Relying solely upon this method of storage and accessing critical video event data may not be the most efficient option for commercial enterprises.

Cloud Based Solution

A more robust system utilizes an online video capture and management portal. This provides fleet managers a readily accessible and easy to use system to view and manage captured critical event video. This requires that critical event video clips be sent automatically to the cloud (Wi-Fi or 3G) as they occur. This eliminates the potential for video tampering, and enables immediate clip viewing and response from fleet managers. The best solutions also allow you to remotely ‘live view’ situations and manage the camera system itself.