Best Fleet Monitoring Reporting Software for USA Fleet Companies

Titan GPS is equipped with a diverse and detailed set of reports that fleet managers can access at any time to discover actionable data and implement programs that make fleets more productive, less wasteful, and safer.


Idling is an unseen threat to the bottom-line of many fleet businesses. The idle/engine ratio indicates how much time an engine is idling while in operation. Across all types fleets, the conservative idle/engine ratio average is roughly 1/3rd, meaning that for 33% of the time vehicles are in operation, they aren’t being productive. This represents a massive amount of expensive fuel being wasted. Titan GPS Reporting capabilities let fleet managers see which operators are idling too much and which operators are being efficient and deserve praise.

Set benchmarks for performance based on historical data. Uplift the performance of your fleet with Titan GPS Reports such as top 10 worst idlers. Visualize your actionable fleet data and implement appropriate programs to improve performance such as idling.


A fleets efficiency is measured by how much it can get done in a day. Hampered by many problems such as late arrivals, extra-long lunches, leaving work early, wasting time, and unearned overtime. GPS Tracking helps prevent all these efficiency harming activities.

After years of extensive internal data collection and external research, GPS tracking can improve productivity by adding and extea 30 minutes efficiency without paying for additional hours of work. That could mean additional monthly contributions of $660 per vehicle.